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Lyceum Theatre London

The heart touching saga of The Lion King which revolves around the young cub Simba is an all time adventurous saga of his battle against the misdeed done by his evil uncle scar. Adapted from the popular Disney’s animated classic, it is the journey of the wide eyed cub who is destined to be the King of the African Pridelands. The stunning costumes and magnificent puppetry makes The Lion King a memorable experience for the theatre goers.

In the year 1765, the old Lyceum Theatre was built for the first time, whereas during the late 18th century Charles Dibdin hosted some amazing musical entertainments. Another big name which performed at the magnificent theatre is none other than the famous David Garrick. From the year 1794 to 1809, the building of the Lyceum Theatre was mainly used as Circus and was brought by the owner of Amphitheatre Philip Astley, after his theatre was destroyed at Westminster from fire.

In the year 1809, Lyceum Theatre was the licensed house and was used for some great dramatic performances till 1812 by the Drury Lane Company. The house was renovated in the year 1816 by Samuel Arnold and Beazley designed it. It marked its reopening as The English Opera House, but was burnt down by fire in the year 1830.

Lyceum Theatre london is a hugely popular London Westend Theatre with a occupancy of 2100 and positioned in the City of Westminster on Wellington Street. Since the year 1765, there was a theatre with the same name. On 14th July 1834, the current Lyceum Theatre marked its opening. With the partnership of Peto & Grissell, this magnificent theatre was rebuilt. Bertie Crewe rebuilt the whole theatre along with rich decoration and ornamented in rococo style and retained the façade and grand portico of Beazley. Some of the popular productions at the Lyceum Theatre are Jesus Christ, Oklahoma and The Lion King.

The magic of Disney’s all time blockbuster London musical, The Lion King is simply inescapable! Lyceum Theatre is running the scintillating musical with packed houses. The spell binding London show has set the box office on fire since its debut year and still wooing audience to the theatres.

The award winning London show, The Lion King has won several critical acclamations and applauded massively from all across the globe. The heart touching story of cub Simba and his struggle to get back his Kingdom of Pridelands from his evil uncle Scar is a delightful experience for theatre lovers.

At the City of Westminister on Wellington Street, the opulent Lyceum Theatre is positioned with a huge occupancy of 2000.Year 1765 marked the construction of this stunning theatre, where some of the greatest performers and actors have given brilliant performances.

From 1794 to 1809, the building of Lyceum has been mainly used for Circus. Later, Philip Astley bought this theatre. This theatre has witnessed some of the amazing dramatic performances until the year 1812. Some of the smashing productions of this London Westend Theatre are Jesus Christ Superstar, Oklahoma and still running The Lion King.



Interesting Facts

  • Shaun Escoffery (Mufasa)
  • George Asprey as Scar
  • Shaun Escoffery as Mufasa
  • Brown Lindiwe Mkhize as Rafiki
  • Stephen Matthews as Zazu
  • Damian Baldet as Timon
  • Keith Bookman as Pumbaa
  • Andile Gumbi as Simba
  • Ava Brennan as Nala
  • Jacquelyn Hodges as Shenzi
  • Gary Forbes as Banzai
  • Sebastien Torkia as Ed
  • Zhane Coffi-Gowie as Young Nala at certain performances
  • Odelia Dizel-Cubuca as Young Nala at certain performances
  • Amelia Monet Kennedy as Young Nala at certain performances
  • Isabelle Outtara as Young Nala at certain performances
  • Ralf Hersbourg as Young Simba at certain performances
  • Lorenzo Dizel-Cubaca as Young Simba at certain performances
  • Michael Matia as Young Simba at certain performances

Venue Info

21 Wellington Street, London,

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Nearest Tube:
Piccadilly Circus

Performance Times

7.30 PM
7.30 PM
7.30 PM
7.30 PM
7.30 PM

Additional Info

Running Time:
2 hour 30 minutes
Booking From:
12 Oct. 1999
Booking Until:
26 june 2017
Important Info:
Children over 3 will be admitted, but they must be able to sit in their own seat quietly throughout the performance.
Age Restrictions:
Recommeded for 3+year old.

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